Is debt doing you in?

Guess What Your not Alone

All of us at one time or another have faced the bills stacked on the kitchen table. Its so easy to see something and just cant resist buying it and then one day in the future the grim reaper loan shark knocks on the door and threatens to tumble your life down like humpty dumty did when he fell off the wall. And then the reality of your spending hits home and the sweat runs down your brow. Then fear of losing everything enters your mind and depression sets in. I have experienced this situation one time in my life and never want to go thru it again. Back then the concept of having a company take over your bills and paying them for you was just becoming common practice in this country. My first wife and I tried it for about three months and finally came to the conclusion that it’s costing us more money by having them do what we should do for ourselves. We terminated that arrangement and got serious about paying off our obligations and then staying debt free.

Read the Paper Work

Saying I do for the second time was without doubt the smartest thing I have ever done. First and foremost because we married for love and then the other benefits started showing up. One of those additional benefits was that my new bride had the wisdom of a holy person and the understanding of money and how it works best. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Recently we purchased a second home and of course we financed part of the transaction. During the signing of the papers my wife found numerous mistakes by either the lawyer or the realtor in the paper work. I just sat there and just giggled to myself. And I think the other participants were amazed and perhaps slightly annoyed by her correcting their mistakes. When it comes to numbers and facts of writing she is uncanny at finding mistakes.

Seek Numerous Sources of Help

If your now experiencing what I did back then may I offer up a suggestion? Seek help from someone who knows the ins and outs of getting out of dept. And don’t take the first suggest and just run with it. Get help wherever you can find it. There are numerous not for profit organizations in the business of helping people from going belly up when debt reaches their chin and there seriously considering filing for bankruptcy or going in a closet and putting a brand new bullet in their head. Either option is unacceptable in my thinking. If you owe money to people these two choices are the last thing they want you to do. Because if you do, it’s not likely there going to get the money that you owe them. Sure they probably have an option or two to help collect what they can but if you’re in deep debt probably someone else will probably get the Pennies left and they will be left holding the bag. Because of this almost every debt holder will make concessions that will lower your obligation and make life easier for you to pay what they really will accept and be glad they got what they could. Sure your credit rating will be zero but you’ll eventually be out of debt and wont have a bullet in your head.

Talk to Your Creditors & Get Their Advise

So talk to all your creditors and tell them how things are and then just let them make suggestions to you. You’ll be amazed how much they will reduce your indebtedness to them just to clear the slate and get what they can rather then having you go belly up and they lose everything.

Don't Like Nothing

Always remember all organizations involved in loaning money would rather get something, rather then just the empty bag.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg

Looking for a Helping Hand? Try your own

I Looked Every Where Else First

I remember one very low and disturbing part of my life. I was twenty-four, divorced, no job and was helping raise two boys. Now add too much alcohol to the mix and that’s a crash just waiting to happen. I did everything I could to avoid having to look for a job. I cashed in my life insurance and sought help from my parents to start an imaginary business wondering around in my brain. The only part of the day that really worked for me was the late nighttime when my fingers were clutching a beer and my mind believed tomorrow was going to be better. But that was just the booze thinking and that wellness evaporated when the sun came up. During the late afternoons and early evenings I would walk the streets hoping a miracle would find me and wellness would return to my life.

Don't Let Your Pride Get in the Way

I avoided my parents because I could feel their thoughts saying get out and make things work for yourself. But I hesitated doing that because I had false pride. You see my parents used to own an amusement park, which I helped, manage and that was a cushy job for me. It also made me feel pretty important in the scheme of things. And once you’re on top of the ladder its hard to move down and still function with wellness in your life. So when hard times hit and the park folded my life went from being on top of the ladder to not even reaching the first rung. My education was a High School Diploma, one college course in economics and a public speaking course.

Waiting Made it Harder to the Started

The more I waited the harder it was to move forward and find a new way to survive. Then one day with no money in my pockets, bills up the wazoo I filled out an application for a boiler operator job opening at the local hospital. Didn’t have a clue about boilers but I did have many skills I learned while growing up and working labor type jobs at my parents amusement park. My Father always insisted I learned the business from the ground up and he wasn’t kidding when he said that. First I shoveled sand and put up snow fence, then learned to fix any ride in the park. My last labor learning experience was repairing the roller coaster.

I Applied and Got the Job

I think I got the boiler job because I passed the drug test. Apparently the community in which the hospital resided claimed a large population of beings using anything they could find to stick in their veins. So I got the job because my test said negative. Luckily for me alcohol wasn’t a thing they tested for. My boiler job taught me a dear lesson jobs are everywhere and finding them requires movement on my part if I’m going to find a job. I learned that reliability, no drugs, being on time and taking responsibility for your progress in life is squarely on your shoulders and cant be achieved by looking to someone else to do it for you.

We All have Value

I learned that everyone has worth regardless of what their standing is in the community. And until you learn that truth life will be a constant challenge for you.

Go Ahead and Just Move One Step

So what are you waiting for? Help is just one step forward and doing something like filling out an application and then saying yes to the offer of employment.

Don L. Terrill

photo by RussellReno


Sharing Rides

Sharing Rides is a Win Win Situation for Everyone

Recently in our residential community a new bee young lady sent out an information letter requesting thoughts from her new residents. She indicated her current employment was working for the local cable company at one of our local mall outlets. She was inquiring if others in her vicinity worked there or close by and would consider car-pooling if it could be arranged schedule wise? And also opened the door to other possibilities if anyone showed any interest. Like maybe as a neighborhood we should ban together and offer special deals to each other in regard to what we each had to offer via our own areas of expertise. We responded to her indicating an interest in banning together but didn’t understand the concept but would be open to ideas if a meeting could be arranged. So far nothing has come forth showing others showed an interest.

But her letter did spark thoughts in my head. I wondered about the skilled people in our subdivision and how convenient it would be to trade services and benefit from each other. Maybe give each other better deals then we could get out there in the real world.

Found One Ride Sharer

No neighborhood things developed but she did find one person who connected with her and they formed a partnership carpooling. I discovered this while walking the subdivision and sharing a conversation with a lady trying to change her right front tire. While walking I saw her dealing poorly with the tire changing process and offered to be of assistance. She seemed reluctant at first and then said are you the gentlemen that always walks late at night and carries a flashing light? Yes I replied and then I guess she felt more at ease and said shed love to have a helping hand. I removed the flat and she found the spare and soon she was ok to drive. During our working together she indicated it was her week to drive. That’s when I found out she like me received this letter of inquiry and responded to the girl and thru that process they connected and started car-pooling because they both worked at the mall. If I got the gist of it right they both coordinated there working schedule via there employers help and are both enjoying the benefit of saving gas and wear and tear on each of their cars. And it all started with a letter of inquiry.

I Saved Seventy Five Percent on Transportation

I car-pooled once when I had this factory job and it proved to be a very interesting and a very good cost saving enterprise. I was already working at this factory making die cast parts. Then one day a job notice was posted on the board for an opening in the keypunch dept. I applied and got the job. And to my surprise only ladies worked on the second shift and that was were the job opening was. Within two weeks I was carpooling with three ladies all slightly older then myself. Boy did I learn things about girls and how they think about issues. At first while I drove with them I sat and just listened and then as we got to know each other better I joined in and became a certified member. Its like they viewed me as one of them and talking around me was ok. We were all married and because of that didn’t hit on each other. We all drove to a parking location and then took turns driving to and from work. We all saved a bundle doing this carpooling thing.

Talk with Your Co-Workers it May Save you Bucks

Who knows maybe you and your co-workers can do the same thing. It’s amazing what things can be developed when you put your heads together. And car-pooling is a great way to get a helping hand or tire depending on how you want to view it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Hjem


Need help with a newborn?

We all need Help Raising Children

Having Grandchildren is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced in my life. Now I’m at a juncture in my life when I can devote one hundred percent of my feelings and thus am enjoying the new bees with observations and feelings I’ve never had time to really totally appreciate before. Playing my part in raising my two sons required working and making ends meet and that interfered with that special bond that everyone should maintain with their children. Its not that I neglected my children it was just there’s only so much time in a day for focusing total attention on them. So even with everything going for you doesn’t mean the path of raising children is going to be an easy one. Now add to the equation no husband, job, support and being a young new bee yourself and then imagine the thoughts that are going thru your brain?

Always Be Prepared for Sex

Unprepared pregnancies are creeping up at an alarming rate in the society of the world today and dealing with this situation is as complicated as life can be. I can’t speak to the feelings that a woman must feel when confronted with this life-altering happening. Of course the best option to prevent this situation would have been to have sustained or used preventive measures which avoid having the sperm reach their goal like the salmon does when it makes is journey up stream to laid its eggs and then die in the process.

Don't Take a Life Whethers Its yours or the Baby

Every second of every day this human joining experience is being played out and the two involved may not be up to the task because of their age and the lack of basic tools of training and help. To avoid this situation by putting your head in the sand wont help dealing with the problem. Sometimes children beget children and then things happen that makes us all want to shout get help and don’t just let situations that play out that lead the new one on a collision course of not surviving. We all fear and sometimes that fear so overwhelms us that we do things that wont let us live with ourselves and then we do ourselves in by taking pills, jumping off bridges or driving and drinking till the pain subsides because we connected with an immovable object and then find peace by being dead. But don’t let this be the carvings on you tombstone. Yes facing the situation can be the toughest thing you may ever do in your life, but taking your life is wrong for many reasons especially because the creator would not smile at that moment.

Give Babies to Someone Else

Today many states have drop off and no questions asked policies. All you have to do is deliver the child to a responsible person and just walk away and know fault would be directed to you. This type of policy has been developed to prevent possible harm to the children and asks nothing of the Mother. Rather then the days of the past when babies died by being left somewhere for someone to find them.

Do Right by the Baby

If this is you or someone you know please take the time to explain this course of action and tell them there’s no shame in doing the right thing for the newborn and in the process save your soul.

Don L. Terrill

photo by get directly down