Suing your Doctors wont get you Help

Avoid being confrontational with your Doctors

Being human means that sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to and then we blame the person were dealing with. If this is done in a useful and informative way it can be very useful to all parties involved; but sometimes we take our concerns to a higher level of being really mad and that’s when we step over the line and literally destroy the important relationship with have with our care giving Doctor.

Doctors and Patients sometimes loose their ability to communicate on a compatible level of thinking

Doctors face all kinds of patients and all kinds of situations that involve mental and physical hurtings by patients. And sometimes patients and doctors loose their commitment to each other and then only hostility exists. When this happens each side sets up a wall and contact with the doctor in question becomes almost impossible. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Patients who put their foot in their mouth seldom get help

Joe (this isn’t his real name) was involved in a very serious car accident and ended up having an open hole in his stomach that wouldn’t seal up. Now I don’t know the reason why that cut remained open but I did talk to Joe on numerous occasions and pretty much understand why his main care giving doctor stopped being available to him and wouldn’t directly talk to him any more.

Couldn’t Seal the Hole in his Stomach

After Joe’s accident he was sent to a very popular university hospital and underwent numerous operations to help correct the many injuries he received during the car accident. When all was said and done Joe ended up short both legs and a half dollar size hole in his stomach. Before leaving the hospital after having his sixth operation Joe confronted all his attending doctors and threatened them with a law suit for not fixing his stomach properly and demanded it be fixed right and that he receive compensation in money and mobility. And here’s a list he presented to them demanding money and other compensation.

Joe wanted compensation

1. He wanted a new van properly equipped for his disability
2. He wanted one lump sum of money (I forget the sum he wrote on the his list)
3. He demanded a new motorized wheel chair
4. He wanted a user friendly house

Threatening Doctors will get you no care

At Joes last visit at the medical hospital Joes was shouting at doctors and threatened them all with lawsuits and branded them all as stupid and incompetent doctors. I’m sure all the doctors working at this hospital heard about Joe thru the grapevine and avoided him at all costs not wanting to face the shoutings of a person out of control and making false statements without having other doctors to back up his charges of incompetence.

Joe Lost the Help he needed and was left to his own resources

According to Joe his University Doctors wouldn’t return his phone calls and their office personnel wouldn’t accept appointments with him until he provided a referral from another doctor. Apparently his ravings extended thru out the doctors grapevine and no one would accept him as a patient, We all have issues sometimes with our doctor and voice our concerns by talking to our attending doctor. Recently I had one of those concerns with my family doctor. I wanted over two hours two see him and when I did I quietly explained my frustration with that. After some reasonable interaction my doctor suggested I be his first patient in the morning every time I see him. I do that and hardly wait any time anymore. That’s work out good for me because I’m an early riser.

Joe sought the help of a Lawyer

Joe had one conversation with an attorney but never had time to sign the papers and get the compensation he was hoping for. Two weeks after seeing the lawyer he passed away in the Emergency Room at our local hospital.

Doctors Declined to See Him

Joe’s unfounded ravings did him in and no one wanted him as a patient. The Doctors didn’t refuse him care they just declined to see him. There’s a lesson to be learned here and that’s be kind to your doctors. Your life may depend on seeing them and that may not happen because your mouth over rides your head.

Don L. Terrill

photo by banjo d

Ride the Bus

Ride the Wave and Surf with us

Ride the Bus and leave the driving to us. Or in our town they say ride the Wave and Surf with us. The bus companies name is called the Wave. If I chose to take the bus I would have to walk four blocks to the nearest bus pickup location from my home and that’s not bad.

Ticket Choices
  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
One Ticket is good for all day

Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus daily, weekly or by the month. Monthly tickets are the cheapest. If you purchase a month and then decide to take another form of transportation the Wave will redeem your unused tickets.

Buses accommodate Bike Riders

The Buses have special racks attached to the front of the bus and bikes can be easily put on and taken off and there is no extra charge for hauling the bike.

Buses will accommodate Wheel Chair Riders

Wheel chair users whether manual or motor driven enter the bus via a special bus entrance and then use the bus like other people. No special prearrangements are required.

Down Town Buses

Downtown buses are one hundred percent free to riders. This bus service is geared to make the users town experience a special one, that will encourage riders to return and visit the town on a regular basis. Buses will drive you to any location in the Downtown even to parking garages so you can easily pick up your car or they will pick you up from the garage location.

If you can’t get to a regular bus pick up location you can pre arrange a pick up elsewhere.

The bus system like all facilities in this country are by Federal Law required to make reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities. So if the bus system can it will pick you up some where else that is easier for the bus rider to get to.

Inter campus busing is free to students, on receipt of Student Identification Card

Recently my wife and I drove thru our College Campus and boy does it cover a large area of land. We saw numerous students using the bus system making their way from one location to another. The College promoted the bus system so that students could easily go from one class to another without requiring other forms of transportation thus lowering the need for more parking areas.

Buses help keep alot of vehicles off the streets and that’s a big plus for all growing communities. So consider the bus and do your part and help your community flow better.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Smiles for the world