Mention Your Plight in the Company of Others

He Mentioned a Problem

Allow me to give you an example of what I’m talking about. I used to live next to an older gentlemen who from time to time would causally mention that something was running amok in his life. And me being a helpful person used to offer up myself as a possible solution to his problem. One time his toilet was making funny sounds when he flushed the stool. After inspecting same I suggested he call a person to check his septic tank, which might be ready to be cleaned out. I even gave him a name to call. I found out later he called the person and sure enough the septic system needed to be cleaned out.

Then Had a Tree Problem

The one-day I was talking to another neighbor and he came over again and joined in. This time he needed to have a tree cut down which was close to his house and was causing dampness to develop next to his bedroom window. My other neighbor said he had a chain saw and would be glad to cut it down for him. He did and even helped to burn the sawed wood.

Being Used

Finally during a neighborhood garage sale a few of us guys got together and through conversation realized we were all being used by the older gentlemen in the neighborhood. We had all unknowingly fell for his game of I need help and then just waited for us to jump in and rescue him.

Was Well Off

And the real tragedy of the whole thing was that he was well off and just didn’t want to use his money to solve his problems unless he had to. And for the most part we made that happen for him. Now don’t get me wrong I’m glad to help but don’t care about being taken advantage of.

Mentioning is a Way to Secure Help

But this whole process has taught me a valuable lesson most people are generous with their labor and are glad to help those who need the help. So if you genuinely need help because money and strength isn’t your strong suit you might want to consider what my neighbor did and seek the kindness of others and solve the critical problems in your life. All that is required is I have a problem and then just wait for someone to step up and say may I help you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ashleytheartist2002


Work for Left Overs

Work Part Time at a Local Eatery.

Always make your shift the one that closes for the day. When you do this you will have many opportunities to take food home. Reprocessing certain foods to the next day is not always a good idea for the eatery, so many items of good food get thrown away not because its not good but because it wont make a good presentation like fresh food will. So tell them when they’re going to throw something out to let you know and you’ll take it with you when your shift is over.

Got Food Help

Many years ago when I was in my early teens I gained the friendship of three eating places that would save food for me and leave in their coolers and put my name on it. Sometimes I had to throw it away, but most of the time I picked through the stuff and always had plenty to eat.

Don't Let Pride Keep Your Stomach Empty

When you’re hungry the generosity of those in charge can be a huge benefit to you. So swallow your pride and seek the free food, because if you don’t take it they will just throw it away. And throwing good food away just doesn’t work for me.

Get An Insider to Save Food for You

You can also because I did it myself get someone working there to do it for you. When I was growing up I befriended a lady that worked at a small local bakeshop. And rather then throwing out food she would give it to me. Sometimes I would get doughnuts that had a crunch to them, but guess what when you’re hungry that crunchy tastes like the best food in town.

Life is a Journey of Help

Sound like something you wouldn’t do? Guess what when your get hungry your stomach will compel you to do many things you would other wise not do. The trick is to survive meet new people and through that process develop skills that will get you a job that pays hard cash. Then you can get acquired skills to aid your climbing up the ladder and then you can help someone else by giving them a helping hand like you received. Live is a journey of helping and being helped. My thought for consideration.

Don L. Terrill

photo by TOMOYOSHI

Churches are Always Helpfull

Church of Your Choice

Church related organizations have long been the backbone of our countries helping people. They on a daily basis have been at the forefront of helping those in need. They are the safety net for those of us who have had hard times and needed help.

A Coat in the Winter Time

I remember as a young boy going to distribution places where items of clothing could be secured at no cost or for hardly any money at all. My brother and I frequently wore items of the second hand nature. In the winter time the generosity of a warm coat felt good to me.

Go To Church

So go to your church or find someone who is a member of a church or call around and make a connection and then ask for help. If you need it and they have it they will help you. And their generosity knows no bounds. If they cant help you they probably know someone or organization that will.

We All Ask for Help Sometime

There is know shame in asking for help. Almost everyone in life at one time or another needs and appreciates the kindness of others. If you are a parent and your children need help seek help until you find a place to meet your needs and then when you are on top take the time to help someone else.

Help Promotes Help

Whether you’re giving or receiving please participate and then you create an ever-evolving cycle of give and take. And then everyone gains from your being on this earth.


Remember we all need help and sometimes that will be you and then the next day it will be me and so is the journey of being alive and sharing the good and bad times together. So don’t forget to give when it’s your turn. That’s my feeling and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by dave_mcmt