Cheap Telephone Service

Best Telephone Deal We Could Find

We used to have our telephone service with the local telephone company. That is until a bargain deal got mailed to us from an Internet telephone service called Sun Rocket. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not making any cash by recommending this company. I’m mentioning this company only because it’s the only one that’s so cheap that I'm familiar with.

$ 13.26 Monthly

Here’s the deal, for one hundred and ninety nine dollars we were offered fifteen months of service. And it included free long distance for the entire United States. And to top it off they also offered us two wireless phones. Well we jumped on it like a herd of hungry elephants.

The Local Telephone Cost $ 13.44 Monthly Plus LD

We were paying the telephone company more then what we are currently paying Sun Rocket and we also had to pay extra for long distance. And long distance charges were eating us up.

A Friend of Ours Got Free Long Distance

They also gave us an extra option to add a long distance friend that had high speed internet, where by they could call us anytime and that would be a free service to them. We have not used that service yet but I’m sure we will in the future.

Must Already Have High Speed Service

So if you have high speed internet service contact sun rocket and make a sweet deal for yourself. If there is a down side and I don’t see it as one. They require you pay the full amount of front. From my perspective that’s a small deal compared to the deal were getting. So go ahead and then just call anybody and talk as long as you want. I’m sure you have many you would love to converse with without worrying about the charges. So charge on and smile when the monthly charges don’t end up in your mailbox.

P.S. After twelve months our contract was transferred to with slightly higher cost but still a great deal for the money.

Don L. Terrill

photo by malias