Best Prescription Deal We Could Find

Cheaper Prescriptions

My lovely wife loves finding the best deal around for everything we require in our life. Recently my doctor suggested I start taking a prescription to control my cholesterol number, which my doctor says is a warning sign I need to pay attention to. So he prescribed a certain drug for me to take. My first trial bottle was for thirty days to see if it worked for me and didn’t disturbed the function of my liver.

Didn't Check Around

We had just joined Coscos and just assumed they had the best deal in town. This thirty-day prescription cost just under one hundred dollars. Oh and I don’t have prescription drug coverage because it was cheaper for me to pay cash then opted into the government prescription program.

Shopped Around This Time

I tolerated the drug and returned to Coscos to refill the prescription the cost then escalated to over one hundred and forty dollars per month. My wife being the money controller said no way ho say. She then shopped around and called a Canadian company and they quoted her a price of forty some dollars. They processed the ninety-day prescription for a little more then what Cosco charged us for one month. We ordered it from a Canadian company but the prescription was filled and shipped from a company in our country, which is the United States of American.

Dial For a Better Deal

So if your like me and paying for your drugs you might want to consider visiting the internet and check out whats available for you. You might luck out like me and find a better deal like I did. After all its better to have your money in your pocket then in some other pocket. So grab your phone and dial yourself a cheaper prescription.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jeffk