Ask Around for a Better Deal

Seek People Out

You probably already know many people that can through their job or someone they know get you a better deal on buying something you need or want.

Our Appliance Connection

We have one distant family member who works for a well known appliance manufacturer and over the years we have enjoyed saving large sums of money buying products through his employee discount arrangement with the company he works for and its all on the up and up. I guess the company sees this as a good way to keep their employees happy and also puts their products out in the public where they can be seen and promoted by those who have enjoyed the big discount by just making a phone call to some who knows someone that eventually gets you your hearts desire at a huge discount.

Check Out the Person your Dealing with

I don’t know about you? But saving a few green backs is a good emotional thing to do. And here’s how it works. First through perseverance find that person that can get you the discount and then find out what the total cost is and then give this money to that person. They will get the product ordered for you and have it sent directly to you. Now it goes without saying but Ill say it anyway, make sure your dealing through hopefully a family member or a close friend that has the family member so your assured your money is safe and you going to get what your paying for.

Try a Small Purchase First

When we first enjoyed this benefit we got it through a close family member and then ordered only a low dollar item to first see if the process would work well for us; it did and weve used it numerous times over the years without any problems.

So Check Around

So check around with your friends and family and Ill bet somewhere in that group is a money saving deal for you. The last item we purchased saved us over five hundred dollars. So the next move is yours if saving money is of interest to you.

Don L. Terrill

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