Consider Government Funded Housing

Most communities offer more Reasonable Housing

The Federal Government is the largest provider of help in this area. In the early nineteen thirties the president signed a bill creating the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Which function was to create good housing for those you could not otherwise afford it. This agency is commonly referred to as HUD today. If a community chooses to create this kind of low income housing it must sign an agreement with the Federal Government and form a Housing Commission or Housing Authority. The leading authority of the community, which is the mayor or manager, appoints the members of this group.

Large Apartment Buildings Were First

At first HUD created large buildings with numerous apartments. A tenant’s rent was determined by their income after allowed deductions. Before buildings were created waiting lists were developed and it was first come first served, if they were under a certain income level. Today the large apartment concept is slowly being converted to what they commonly refer to as the Voucher Program; Which I believe will be the total trend of the future. The Government is finding it more cost effective and friendlier to the population as a whole to create the voucher program, rather then own costly buildings. Now families and individuals are spread out in the community living in smaller units; some units are owned by the by HUD and others are privately owned. These rental units blend in better and create a better environment for everyone concerned.

Voucher Program

Here’s basically how the voucher concept works, you pay a certain percentage of your income for rent and the Government will pay the rest of your rent. For example the rent for the apartment your wanting to move in might be $500.00 maybe you would be required to pay three hundred and the government would pay two hundred. You may also qualify for help paying your utility bills.

For Information Contact Your Mayor or Manager

If this seems like something that might be of interest to you contact your local community manager or mayor and they will direct you to a location to call. If they are accepting applications you will be required to fill one out one and produce evidence of your current status and they will determine if you qualify for the housing program. You will discover that they all have waiting lists and the process generally moves at a snails pace. But don’t give up because the rewards of tomorrow are achieved by what you do today.

My First Hand Knowledge

I spend a number of years being involved in HUD Housing. I directed a High-rise facility for senior citizens sixty-two years of age and older and disabled persons of legal age. I mention this only to give my suggestions more weight in your thinking.

First and foremost don’t be discouraged by what they tell you. When you first talk to someone they will make you feel like going to the moon is easier then getting a place to live. Get yourself qualified by filling out an application and get placed on maybe more then one waiting list.

Now here’s some considerations that might help you move up the waiting list faster.

1. Offer to take anything available just to get your foot in the front door.

2. Once in you can get your name placed on the inside waiting list. These are tenants that wish to move to different rental units for some reason or another. The inside waiting list people have priority over the new bees waiting on the outside list. There will probably be some restrictions, for example you might have to stay in the first location for a certain period of time before getting on the inside list. Also they’re maybe a fee for moving and etc.

3. If you know someone in HUD Housing you might qualify to move in with them and get placed on their lease and then this would qualify you for the inside waiting list.

4. Ask for a copy of the waiting list and call by weekly and check your status on the list. Yes they will perceive you as a nuisance but don’t worry about that. By calling your letting them know your paying attention to who gets apartments. This will help keep them from giving your apartment to someone else, when it’s rightly yours because you’re next on the list.

5. Being a resident of the community your applying for will get you preference over people applying from other communities.

Here’s my last observation to you. HUD housing is not just in big city areas; they are all over the place. Your probably driving by some of them and don’t even realize what they are.

This article is just a brief introduction into the low rent housing in America. Seek advice wherever you live from whom ever you can and you will hopefully find more rental help maybe from the state or other privately funded situations.

Be Persistent

Your best chance of success will be determined by your persistence, never giving up and constantly probing for new information about low-income housing.

Don L. Terrill

photo by RyanGWU82