Doctors Need Money Help Too

We All Have Times Behind the Eight Ball

Recently while sitting and waiting to see my family doctor I joined in a conversation with a gentlemen many years younger then me. But according to him he wasn’t fairing as well with life as I was. According to him his current condition prompted numerous tests, which raised his pay obligation to his doctor and that has put him behind the eight ball.

I said been there and done that. But I got advise from another person and allow me to share that information with you. The entire medical system is if required ready to assist you in satisfying your debt to them. Many because they want to keep you as a customer and foremost because something is better then nothing. And also because they need the cash to pay their bills just like you do.

I Got a Half a Bill Deal

So here’s the advice given to me by my doctors people in charge of his billing system. And the results will surprise you. They way back when my situation was not unlike yours might be willing to write off half of my obligations to them, if I could arrange to pay off the other half in a reasonable period of time. I jumped on the opportunity and borrowed on an almost zero credit card offer and gave them half. Is that a deal or what?

Now I can’t predict what your results will be, but you can rest assured that you wont be paying the entire bill. Because a bird in the hand is better then two birds in the bush.

So discuss your situation with your doctor and there people and Ill bet your obligation will get reduced and all parties will remain talking to each other. My thoughts give it a try and maybe sleeping at night will return to you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Rafa1980