Embrace Coupons - they're Just Like Money

Coupons are Buck Savers

Before I met the love of my life I had little knowledge of coupon usage and certainly didn’t use them myself. My wife thru experience learned the fine art of using coupons. At one time it was a necessity and then it just became a challenge with her. And the process she uses doesn’t consume a great deal of time. Sometimes in an effort to get out of the house and get diversity in my life; which helps promote thoughts and ideas for articles I write about. I lag along behind and observe her joy and pleasure in getting the best reduction she can get in purchasing items for ourselves and our connected family members. I remember on one such occasion while visiting Penny’s while shopping for Christmas items my wife observed a lightweight coat, which I dearly needed because my current one was ready for the bone pile. The coat in question was with other items that were marked half off. Then my wife had a half off store coupon. After all was said and done they almost gave us money for buying the jacket. Its original selling price was ninety-five dollars we paid a tad over twelve bucks. Is that a buy or what? And the jacket was cool.

Refrigerator for Half Price

Our underlings sometimes kid my wife about how affective she is in securing items at a reduced rate. But when they need something who do you think they make council with to get a good deal for themselves? I guess when its their nest egg being spend they don’t mind using her help and avoid kidding her about it when it works to their advantage. One of our offspring always boosted growing up that doing coupons would never be used by him. Recently with the help of a family member he got fifty percent off a new refrigerator because she purchased it for him as an employee of the company who get reduced rates and passed the benefit on to him. I think he’s starting to get the coupon saving idea and talking about using it more. What is it they say never say never? I think we all like a deal but don’t want to necessarily admit it. For me paying full price is stupid if you can do something and get a better deal.

Buy One, Get One Free

Coupon books like the ones like the girl, boy scouts and school organizations sell are very helpful in saving money on all kinds of things. Even thought your budget might be tight everyone needs and wants to enjoy an eating out once in awhile. These kinds of books offer deals like buy one get one free or some other combination that can give you something to eat there and then have something to take home for a midnight snack like I frequently do. You will discover that many people buy the coupon books but never use them. Some of our family members or friends know we use them and offer theirs to us. We gladly except his or her generosity and use or give it to someone that will use it. These kind of books are a great ways to try a new food locations or try some didn’t entree and then if you don’t like it your not out the full price. It’s a win win situation.

They Might Come in Handy Later

Coupons of items you use or might use are wise things to gather up and save. You never know when the situation may require there use and you save in the process.

A Thought That Counts

Remember the old saying? A penny saved is a penny earned. Yes the penny has changed in value but not the thought.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bchow